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Gravity Yonago office has a cafe "liquid". We serve craft ginger ale "pun9" under the idea of punk music, challenging to the conservative.

The well blended spices stimulate your sense of flavor. Come on, drink pun9

Let's enjoy the four seasons of Sanin! !!


Gravity serves original blended coffee as well.

Enjoy the fruity scent.


Open every Saturday only.

The latest information is available on Instagram.



liquid menu: RestaurantsMenus
Make delicious coffee
Workshop is being held

With the theme of "feel free at home"

Here are some tips for making delicious coffee 🤫

"Every morning coffee isn't enough instantly. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy delicious coffee at home on holidays.

Coffee beans, lectures, and tea confectionery are now 1500 yen!

Reservation required. Please contact us from tel, mail, DM, etc.

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