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house renovation

From small fix to replacing water areas.

A better life starts from single step; feel free to contact us!

  • Wall cloth replacement

  • Functional glass sash

  • Improvement around water

  • System bus introduction

  • Total coordination

  • Made-to-order kitchen

  • Air conditioning improvement etc.

Please feel free to contact us! !!

And talk to us from

Save your time, no risks of trending virus.

We are open for everyone :) 

In Yonago office, on Friday and Saturday of the general open date, it is the consultation of the housing by the architect for free. Please tell us about your concerns about housing, your wishes, and "sort of feeling that my living life is not fulfilled." In addition to suggesting  renovation from Gravity, we will also introduce DIY kits that can be easily done and cases that can be solved cheaper and easier than our shop to other vendors. (A example that we try to find what is vest for you!!)

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.15.03.png

mini kitchen replacement

¥ 318,000

With coloring that matches the coordination of the room,

we provide a kitchen that you can enjoy as an interior.

-mini kitchen-Installation cost-Plumbing

-Replacement of ventilation fan

-Other construction, disposal costs, demolition costs

Popular small renovation

Flat-rate plans!


This is also recommended! !!


We also accept new construction of buildings.

Please feel free to contact us first!

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