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We will support you to make your dreams come true.
From realistic business plans to building construction arrangements, 
we will support you in detail for unfamiliar work.
We will also give advice on financing, funding, business planning, etc., and will cooperate with you with knowledge to achieve the "success" you seek.

  • Embodying the shop image

  • Shop design that stands out in the area

  • data-based management advice with experience.

Store design


Gravity's construction design values ​​the individuality, taste, and uniqueness of the business owner.

We will create a one-of-a-kind shop design so that you can think of each and every construction.

At the same time, pay attention to the flow lines of staff and customers to improve work efficiency and sales promotion effect.

We thoroughly care of them. Create a profitable store with a limited budget! !!


Gravity's uniqueness helps you out-stand and foster your uniqueness reflecting to your shop.
  • Cafe

  • restaurant

  • Hair dressing

  • office

  • Sharing space


Please feel free to contact us!

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