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Years of experience in real estate and architecture industry

We are here to support and answer your concerns regarding Housing/Flat in Japan


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English Support


Real Estate

English Support

With the skills and knowledge in the real estate and architecture industry, our staff will guide you along the way to solve your issues and concerns regarding housing in Japan.

Our staff who also have proficiency in English will assist you on cases of contracting which covers residence registration, visa, banking and infrastructures for your daily life. 


Feel free to communicate with us through social media, video call or face-to-face depending on your preference.


We have accumulated architecting knowledge since 2005. Whereas we have built several types of buildings; offices, shops, public spaces, and factories. We are also well experience in housing. 

The head of our team has fostered her good sense of design in fashion industry. Thus we are well evaluated on that point from our customers.

Houses and rooms are opened as show cases in Okayama and Tottori.

*These are on variable opening periods, so please contact us to look around.

Any demands of housing can be solved by us, from simple renovation to newly building a house. 

Real Estate

We have legitimate qualification for dealing real estate. We can help you in the following ways; mediation to real estates, providing English support when dealing with properties, we can also sell you our own properties. 

In this sector, you need ton of knowledge including regulations, local customs, financing and so on. If you are struggling this matter, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

English Support
Real Estate

Tomoya Kishikawa


Language difficulties especially on a real estate contract are tremendous, which I experienced in UK. And imagine, communicating with a local architect or carpenters who don't speak English at all, to build your house......

I wondered if there were any language supporter for Japanese who is knowledgable on housing in UK. It is my pleasure to help anyone who is eager to accomplish their ideal lifestyle in Japan!

Successfully sent! We will contact you back soon!

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